Who We Are.

Charter platform for exotic & luxury vehicles

TKX is a peer-to-peer platform where qualified members can conveniently charter exotic and luxury vehicles from a network of discerning car owners. We are secure community of like-minded individuals who come together to share their passion for fine automobiles. We plan to become the trusted leader in our market by delivering a growing collection of desirable vehicles, exceptional customer service, and extraordinary luxury experiences.

What We Do.

Offering an on-demand luxury experience

By combining a community of exotic or luxury car enthusiasts with a convenient technology platform, TKX provides its members with unparalleled access to a selection of expertly curated collection of exotic and luxury cars through its community marketplace. We offer a frictionless, on-demand luxury experience for renters, while at the same time providing owners with a platform to conveniently and securely charter their vehicles and earn passive income.

Our Advantage.

All of the fun, with none of the commitment

As the sharing economy continues to grow exponentially and consumers become more comfortable with the concept, TKX makes expensive vehicles more accessible. Renters who previously didn’t have a clear-cut path to obtaining the luxuries they desired can now share and experience them. Owners of exotic and luxury vehicles, whose vehicles mostly sat idle, can now rent them, giving them the opportunity to monetize their high-valued assets and offset some of the expense burden related to owning them.