How it Works

Peer-to-Peer Charter Platform for Fine Automobiles

For the Renter

By becoming a Member, you’ll have unparalleled access to our growing collection of expertly curated exotic and luxury cars. Choose the one you want, step through the streamlined chartering process, and off you go.  With TKX, you can start enjoying the luxuries of life that you’ve always desired, without the ongoing expense and commitment.

For the Owner

By becoming a Partner, you can get more out of your exotic or luxury car by chartering it to qualified members of our community. All members are screened before they can charter your car, but you always have the final say. Your car will be fully insured against theft, damage and other unexpected events while it’s chartered. With TKX, your chartered car will drive cash into your pockets. 

Charter Your Dream Car

Experience Your Dreams with TKX™

Enjoy driving the car of your dreams with all of the fun and none of the limitations and expenses:

  • No monthly car payments
  • No insurance payments
  • No maintenance expense
  • No need to store your car
  • No commitments – change up cars whenever you want

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Key Benefits

A competitive advantage over rental agencies

Safe & Secure

Safety and security are among our primary concerns when handling such high-valued assets. You can rest assured that your automobile needs will be met by professionals who understand the intricacies of driving, maintain and storing exotic and luxury vehicles. We’re confident your expectations will be exceeded by outstanding service that other members have come to know and trust.

Convenient & Flexible

We strive everyday to provide quality and excellence, because we know that you have many things going on in your busy day and convenience is important to you. Our members benefit from our approach because we have the foresight to anticipate your needs and the know-how to service them in a convenient and flexible way, making sure to avoid unnecessary hassles.

Qualified & Verified

Whether we receive a request to on-board a vehicle onto our platform or to a charter one of our many exotic and luxury from our collection, we process each applicant through a rigorous, multi-point checklist and screening evaluation to assure that we maintain the quality and integrity of our network. Our success depends in part on the trust our members have placed in us and other members – and we take that seriously.

Financially Rewarding

As pioneers in the sharing economy, TKX makes expensive vehicles more accessible. Renters who previously didn’t have a clear-cut path to obtaining the luxuries they desired can now share and experience them, while at the same time providing owners of such vehicles with a platform to charter their idle vehicles while generating passive income – removing some of the financial burden associated with ownership. We believe it’s a win-win!

List Your Car and Start Earning Cash

Start Earning Extra Cash with TKX ™

Maximize ownership value of your exotic or luxury vehicle:

  • Earn extra income when you’re not using it
  • Fully insured and properly maintained
  • White glove service by professional concierge
  • Convenient and hassle-free – we do all the work

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Peer-to-Peer Automobile Charter Services


Variety of Car Brands

We’re continuously adding a growing selection of exotic and luxury cars as we grow our owner-network of car enthusiasts.


Competitive Rates

When your charter an exotic or luxury car from Turnkey X, you get the lowest rate without overhead fees and expenses.


Quick Processing

We’ve made the process of renting your dream car so streamlined, that we’ll have you on your way to enjoying it in no time.